About Us

Croce “Tony” Cataldo hails from Carini, Palermo in Sicily. His parents Rocco and Maria taught him everything that he knows. When Tony was growing up, he would always be around his parents and sisters while they were cooking. This was where his passion for cooking Italian food became his journey.

In 1980, when Tony was 16, he left Sicily with the dream of having his own restaurant where he could showcase traditional Italian cuisine, including some of his mother’s personal recipes!. He arrived in United States with very little money in his pocket and started out dishwashing at an Italian Restaurant in Richmond, VA. Eventually, Tony moved to Pennsylvania and in 1993, less than 13 years later, Tony fulfilled his dream and him and his partner opened an Italian restaurant: Anthony’s in Malvern, PA. The success of Anthony’s enabled Tony and his wife Claudia to open Pomod’oro, a second restaurant in their hometown of Downingtown, PA in 2015!

With Pomodoro Pizza & Italian Restaurant, Tony and his staff continue to make delicious Italian food like his mother taught him, fresh, authentic and creative!